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• The Universiti Malaya (UM), Master of Business Administration (MBA) programme is a rigorous programme that seeks to expose the students to theoretical concepts and analytical and practical tools that will prepare them for the challenges in increasingly dynamic business environment.

• Courses are structured to provide a broad understanding of theories with real world issues beyond the boundaries of textbooks. Through a combination of lectures, case studies, written assignments, group projects, presentations and class discussions, each student is equipped with the necessary knowledge and experience to analyse and evaluate issues for better solutions.

• The pedagogies are aimed at optimising the efficiency of the learning process. Each student is required to complete a minimum of 46 credit hours of learning and research project that cover various business concentrations. On the average, the students would require 1½ to 2½ years of study.


Our MBA degree opens doors for graduates to ascend to higher executive leadership within organisations. Our graduates can pivot towards managerial roles across diverse sectors including business organisations, healthcare, engineering, retailing, hospitality, and the public sector.


• The MBA programme offers day and evening classes from 6.30 pm until 9.30 pm, emphasising quality teaching and student participation. The minimum and maximum periods of candidature are three (3) and eight (8) semesters, respectively.
• The new MBA structure with five (5) concentration areas enables students to concentrate on the area(s) they want to learn more from the program while optimising their learning experience.
• The programme is structured into three (3) main categories: Core Courses (18 Credit), Core Concentration / Concentration Courses / Elective Courses (21 Credit) and Research Project (7 Credit)
•The design of our courses and components is strategically geared towards maximizing students' learning opportunities and fostering the acquisition of indispensable skills crucial for their career advancement. In total, students are required to complete 46 credits.


Core Courses 18
Core Concentration / Concentration Courses / Elective Courses 21
Research Project 7
Total 46




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