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Dr Goh Lim Thye
Deputy Dean (Development)
Email: ltgoh@um.edu.my
Phone: +603 7967 3600

Dr Nurul Safwah Binti Mohd Yusoff
Assistant Registrar
(Value Creation and Enterprise)
Email: safwah@um.edu.my
Phone: +603 7967 3601
Muhammad Fadhil Che Morad
Assistant Administrative Officer
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Welcome to the Faculty of Business and Economics, a global leader in business, economics, and management studies. Our commitment to continuous learning is reflected through our focused approach to upskilling and training courses. With the establishment of the Centre of Business Excellence (CBE@UMFBEc), we are dedicated to enhancing industry engagement by providing comprehensive educational and training opportunities that meet the evolving needs of professionals and businesses alike. In addition, our new Summer Programme offers international students the unique opportunity to explore and learn in Malaysia, extending their education beyond the classroom and into the rich cultural and economic landscape of Southeast Asia.


Empowering industries and communities by advancing knowledge and skills through targeted competency-building initiatives, including international educational experiences that promote global understanding and cultural exchange.


1. Tailored Corporate Training Solutions:
Provide customized, high-quality training programs designed to meet the specific needs and objectives of businesses, departments, and professional teams. Focus on enhancing skills, solving industry-specific problems, and driving growth through innovative learning methodologies and expert-led sessions.
2. Professional Development and Leadership:
Enhance continuous personal and professional development across various sectors by offering programs that improve business acumen, leadership skills, and strategic problem-solving capabilities. Aim to nurture effective leaders, managers, and executives capable of navigating and succeeding in a rapidly changing global market.
3. Global Educational Engagement:
Launch and promote a Summer Programme that offers international students immersive learning experiences in Malaysia. This initiative will foster global understanding, cultural exchange, and practical knowledge in Southeast Asia’s dynamic economic and business environment.





Finding suitable programmes for your organisation? 
Explore tailored short and long-term programmes at CBE@UMFBEc to meet your organisational goals. Our diverse pool of experts ensures comprehensive study options for individual and organisational needs. We've got you covered!


Middle Management Development Programme (MMDP)

Discover our Middle Management Development Programme (MMDP), a cornerstone in succession planning. Designed to elevate thinking, confidence, and management careers, it enhances job processes and boosts morale. Gain insights into key business disciplines through interactive sessions, ensuring practical application and immediate impact.

Executive Development Programme (EDP)

Experience our Executive Development Programme (EDP), a dynamic training program blending MBA-style lectures, group discussions, problem-solving tasks, and case studies for interactive learning. Develop the skills for confident decision-making and long-term success, exploring key management areas, strategy, leadership, and the latest business trends with analytical rigour.

Talent Management Programme (TMP)

Discover our Talent Management Programme (TDP), designed to enhance strategic workforce planning through talent identification, employee development, and retention strategies. Our multidimensional approach includes lectures, group discussions, and case studies for practical application.

Strategic Global Manager Programme (SGMP)

Explore our Strategic Global Manager Programme (SGMP), tailored for navigating the challenges of IR 4.0. Aligning individual career goals with organisational objectives emphasizes leadership in outlining vision and strategy. Delve into ambidexterity, adaptability, and flexibility through interactive lectures and case studies.

MyTech Programme - Technical Leadership Development 

Discover our MyTech Programme - Technical Leadership Development, designed to equip participants with effective professional presentation skills and knowledge-oriented leadership practices. Delve into finance concepts for well-rounded management, analyse global supply chain impacts, and develop data analytics skills. Enhance business acumen through strategic planning, operational skills, marketing savvy, and financial shrewdness using established management tools and frameworks.

Public Policy Development Programme (PPDP)

Elevate your policymaking skills with our comprehensive training program. Gain insights, develop strategies, and shape impactful policies. Explore our multi-course pathways to enhance your skills and make a lasting impact in public administration. Join us to make a difference in governance and society.


•  Accounting and Finance Specialisation
Accounting; Financial Management

•  Management Specialisation
Leadership; Strategic Planning; Change Management; Risk Management; Operations & Management; Digital Marketing

•  Political Science, Public Administration and Development Studies Specialisation
Business Policy & Strategy; Managing Disruptive Change and Crisis Cross Border Venture; Public Policy Analysis

•  Decision Science Specialisation
Big Data and Business; Data Analytics for Decision-Making; Information System; Innovation for Growth

Work with us to transform your challenges into strategic business opportunities.
We offer: - 
Business Sustainability (ESG)
Market research
Business forecasting
Industry analysis and policy research


Experience Universiti Malaya's Summer Programme for International Students (SPINS) at our Centre of Business Excellence (CBE), Faculty of Business and Economics. Immerse yourself in Malaysia's vibrant community, diverse culture, and warm hospitality. Join SPINS for academic excellence, cultural immersion, and lifelong connections. Explore SPINS today for a brighter future!

Tailor your learning journey with our flexible programme durations of two (2) or four (4) weeks. With a minimum of 30 participants, dive into a transformative experience crafted just for you. Don't let this opportunity slip away! Contact us now and let's craft unforgettable memories together!




Centre of Business Excellence (CBE)
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