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Special Publication Fund / Dana Khas Penerbitan

FPE Academic Staff is entitled to claim a maximum of RM3,000 per year once your publication has been ACCEPTED.

The terms for the Special Publication Fund are as follows:

  1. The Special Publication Fund is on a claim basis.
  2. Please provide the following documents:
  • Proof of Acceptance of publication
  • Proof of payment (Receipts) & Bank Transaction Statement
  • First Page of your article
  • Attached all documents together with the Application form.

(Note: Kindly get the verification from HOD for all of the attachment prior submitting to Research Office)

  1. The Special Publication Fund can be claimed for:
  • Submission/Publication Fee
  • Proofreading
  • Page Charge
  1. Once the application form is returned to you, you have to key in the application in the e-procurement system>Non-PO Invoice.
  2. Kindly acknowledge the fund: 
    "This publication is partially funded by the Faculty of Business and Economics, Universiti Malaya Special Publication Fund"

The application for the Special Publication Fund can be submitted to Mdm. Sumitra Rajan  (sumi_r@um.edu.my), Ms. Fitri Soraya Azmi (fitrisorayaazmi95@um.edu.my) & Mr. Kong Wei Jian (weijian.kong@um.edu.my). Any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact Mdm. Sumitra at 03-7967 3740 or 03-7967 3698


Research Grants - Progress & Final Report

Universiti Malaya Research Ethics (UMREC) Application

The University of Malaya Research Ethics Committee (UMREC) undertakes ethics review of all non-medical research involving human participants including funded and unfunded research. The UMREC conducts an ethics review prior to the beginning of any research involving human participants. The UMREC examines the ethics components of the research such as, sound methodology, possible risks and benefits to the subjects, recruitment of subjects, consent from the subjects, confidentiality or anonymity for the subjects, the way in which the data is handled, and how feedback can be provided for the subjects. Please note that any data collection and participants recruitments for any purposes are strictly prohibited before obtaining ethical clearance.

How to Apply for UMREC

  • Please make sure all documents are compiled into one PDF file and then your application can be submitted to Ms. Sumitra Rajan (sumi_r@um.edu.my), Ms. Fitri Soraya Azmi (fitrisorayaazmi95@um.edu.my) & Mr. Kong Wei Jian (weijian.kong@um.edu.my) for verification from the Deputy Dean (Research).
  • Once the form has been verified by the Deputy Dean (Research), we will return back the form to you and you have to submit your application form by email to UMREC (umrec@um.edu.my).

UMREC Forms and Documents

Kindly visit https://umresearch.um.edu.my/research-ethics/ for more information and application forms

  1. Application Form
  2. Participants Information Sheet
  3. Consent Form (Malay)
  4. Consent Form (English)

Special Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Filing Fund

Special Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Filing Fund is offered to FBEc Academic Staff FPE, with an amount of RM200.00 each.

The terms for the Special Publication Fund are as follows:

  • The fund will be prioritized for academic staff who have never received it before.
  • This fund will be allocated based on each academic staff, not based on each research project.
  • This fund is based on first come, first served basis.

The application for the Special Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Filing Fund can be submitted to Mr. Kong Wei Jian (weijian.kong@um.edu.my) & Ms. Fitri Soraya Azmi (fitrisorayaazmi95@um.edu.my). Any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us at 03-7967 3689 or 03-7967 3681


Last Update: 09/04/2024