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In line with the University's vision to be a global university impacting the world, the Faculty has
implement and systematize the research culture within the Faculty. Almost all academic staff
members are involved in research activities with funding from the University as well as from the
Industry, Private and other government funding agencies. The research interests span across
various business and economics disciplines from economics, statistics, accounting, finance,
human resource, corporate governance, leadership, marketing, consumer behavior,
management information systems and many others.

In Year 2021, the number of research projects achieved by the faculty members from the month
of January until December is 112 projects. The number shows the active participation and
commitment among the researcher in all projects to align with University’s vision and mission.

The Faculty aimed to intensify research activities in identified areas of research through the
research body established within UM. Specific developments that have taken place include the
endowment funds channeled through the establishment of the Maybank Accounting Chair in
1996, AMBANK Chair for Financial Services in 2014 and also Tun Ismail Ali Chair (TIAC) which
will see world-esteemed professors working closely with our faculty members.

In order to achieve University’s policy, new initiatives in the pipeline include to nurture
connection in business and economics research and problem-solving with our industry partners
in public and private agencies. The target agencies are government of Malaysia, financial
institutions and accounting professional bodies. The effective participation in research has
witnessed a concomitant increase in high impact journal publications.

Last Update: 11/08/2022